From Derbyshire, based in Leeds. David and Charlie.

Other people can probably tell you more about us than we can.

It’s better than the first one.
— Grandma on Lumber, 2017
Lumber hits the marks with its glorious intros and gripping, nostalgic riffs...and yet, there are elements of new; the darkness of ‘Desert Dance’ echoes of an old Queens of the Stone Age track, and there are dashes of sludgy fuzz throughout the record telling of newer grunge bands.
— Jasleen Dhindsa - thnksfrthrvw, 2017
Lumber allows the band to push themselves in new, darker directions...they managed to create something different out of the fundamentals of great rock music.

Lumber cannot easily be placed into a genre. It is less predictable than something like a straight-up Arctic Monkeys album - and that’s no bad thing.

Overall it’s a beautiful, crafted piece of music.
— Sophie Sparham, Derby Telegraph, 2016
It’s very noisy. Still better than Take That though.
— Grandma again, 2016
Their music combines moody, melodic riffs with British sounding vocals and a steady dark undertone to create a beautiful and mesmerising result.
— Sophie Sparham, Derby Telegraph, 2014
The album closes with ‘Three Hundred Miles Away’ which could be the entrance music for a particularly evil wrestler or the theme tune for a documentary about a brothel in Soho.
—, 2014
It sounds better than the Arctic Monkeys.
— Grandma, 2014
The Curve LP was full of big instrumentals, catchy choruses and a good range of versatile songs.

—, 2014
Delightful Led Zep and occasionally Deep Purple inspired guitar riffs, coupled with their own unique vocal and musical style.
—, 2014
It sounds Native American to me, like you’re summoning the gods.
— Some bloke on the internet one day, 2014